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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Gambia is for Gambians

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The Gambia is for the Gambians. A change of government does not imply a change of nation. It does not matter who rules a nation, all what matters is how determined are we to build a prosperous nation? The development of a nation lies not with any individual, instead it depends on the collective wisdom and responsibility of her citizens. Let no one think that it is only through change of leadership that the dream of a nation will come true. For any nation to achieve progress, her citizens must be willing to work together to build the nation. It is not through change of leadership alone that change will come to a nation. So I am urging all Gambians at home and abroad to come together and build our dear nation. The world is moving very fast so we got to move with the world to move our great country, The Gambia, forward. Let us all put the interest of our country first before any individual interest. We owe a great debt for the future which we must pay someday.

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Genu Huma




Mawlud and its beauty


Dear editor,


Please allow me space in your newspaper to shed light on a very important day in the Islamic calendar.

I must start by confessing that the burden of our sins supersedes our strength. Our souls are weak and our legs are lazy to do the doable. I am tasked to be observing and performing my assignments in compliance with the dictates and principles of shari’ah and sunnah. We woefully fail in fulfilling our duties and responsibilities but the shadow and light of my beloved is portraying us to be good but we are by nature sinners who choose to love Allah out of favour of the most exalted and not by our will because we are sinners who live it, see it, breathe it, hear it, talk about it and much more commits it. Yet we repent and ask for Allah’s mercy which is infinite and is the only source that can lead us to the path of those favoured. We are desperate servants who are feeble to carry out what Allah asks of them. We are sickened by our heart, our soul and body and solemnly call on him with humility. Cure and heal the diseases that affect us adversely and uplift us to be amongst the acknowledged, recognised and appreciated as we kneel before you Ya Habibi in humble submission and in dire need as a sick servant. Ya Habibi you are the true love, source of love, hope and to love you makes the poor and weak servant regain all what is lost and have his deficiencies adequately restored. 

Friday is the best of days as Ramadan is the best of months. I will continue to rejoice with glad tidings as an authentic hadith reveals to us that the prophet used to fast on Mondays to thank Allah and celebrated the day he was born. I am sure with vehement conviction that this is ample enough to qualify the celebrations of his birthday which is auspicious to us. There exist numerous reasons that qualify why we embrace this day of delight. We ask for your acceptance of our celebrations in diverse ways.

A man whose bare feet never reached all shores yet his message is love, adored day by day. You were not the tallest in Makkah yet they call you the tallest. You were not the wealthiest yet they call you the most generous. They labelled you with all sorts of negativity yet they call you the trustworthy. You were not a giant by physical size yet they call you the bravest and most courageous. You found them in absolute loss and darkness yet you pour light in their hearts. You met them in class struggle yet you broke those barriers of inferiority and caused them to socialise and accept to live as equals as human beings and maintain tolerance. You met them burying the girl child as a symbol of bad omen yet you convinced them to understand that the female is a mother. They were more armed and bigger in military might and yet you defeated them. You did not physically reach all planets yet your message is heard, honoured and accepted in all frontiers. In Madina, they pray facing the east as in USA, China, UK, Russia, South Africa and little Gambia as Islam is all over the globe. What more do we need to ask for other than to stick to the dictates and doctrines as you and your companions have been manifesting with sincerity. Ya Habibi we are bereft of words that best describes you and your exemplary character. 


Sandigie Njie

Banjul City Council


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