The lioness


By Alpha Robinson

The lioness roared

Staring into the barrel of the gun


Zombies playing demigods for fun

After all senses are gone

Before the setting of the dark sun

The lioness roared

Not showing an iota of fear

Not knowing if the end was near

Will the roar be drowned?

To be replaced by the callous frown?

Will the zombie cock the gun?

Eager to bring another one down

Ready to kill

Yet she dared torture and death

Rooted like the baobab tree

Her soul set free

Heart beating fast

Adrenaline flowing past

Every vein surging in rage

Exorcising the evil burst

The lioness roared

In spite of the looming outburst

Ready to pay the ultimate price

In a very lonely place

Zombies spitting fire on dying husk

Turned thus

By heartless zombies

To spread the inferno of fear

Broadcasting distressing howls

To disparage the human spirit

Fanning the stench of death

Dressed in red, with shackles

And an arsenal of torture gadgets

Creeping under the skin

The cursed earthly devil of death

Sharpening horns

To inflict painful rapture

Executing the final command

Defiant she stood, smelling death

The unbreakable human spirit

Standing tall above the fray

Not budging before the last prayer

The explosion after the stealth

That always eludes the rader belt

Of dictators and tyrants

For centuries in defiance

Blinded by power, they never learn

The roulette of destiny

Spirit refusing to succumb, fierce.

Crossing the line of fear

Into spiritual freedom

That numbs the senses

Takes the pain of torture away

Another howl, another roar

The lioness that showed no fear

At the doorstep of death

Is one worth celebrating

She roared back at the agents of death 

She made the gun swallow its bullet

Roar lioness roar

Shake the earth

Bend time

Along the spiral turns

For you will not be forgotten