The need for a soul searching!


As the nation continues to hear harrowing stories from the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, citizens should engage in a serious soul searching to rediscover the true qualities of Gambianness.

There was a time when whatever evil deed was heard, everyone’s mind went to the foreigners living here. No Gambian ever thought that certain things were possible here. Thus, every bad deed was quickly assigned to foreigners and tucked away in a ‘faraway land’, to be forgotten forever.

Well, the TRRC has exposed the true nature of some Gambians, at least, that they are equally capable of doing horrible things, if not more so. It has shown that in the right (or better still the wrong) circumstances, Gambians can be as evil as the devil himself if not more devilish.


Thus, it is imperative that the #NeverAgain campaign set in motion by the TRRC be taken very seriously. This can be done by ensuring that all the recommendations of the Commission are followed to the letter and the implementations well publicized for the public to learn from.