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The obscenities in our political discourse

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Initially, there were political innuendos in the political rallies and other meetings. Politicians began throwing stones at each other on a daily basis. The political landscape became one big platform where people could and did throw shade at each other.

Recently; however, instead of the condition becoming better and the language more decent, it has taken a turn for the worse. Nowadays, there are plain insults at political rallies and people use these platforms to heap insults at their opponents (or perceived opponents).

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It is important that people realize however, that being on different political camps does not should not amount to enmity. Political opponents are not necessarily enemies of each other; it is simply that they have different perceptions of how to make the country better. They should therefore realize that each is holding their view ultimately for the good of the country they all profess to love.

Another important aspect of the issue which should be kept in view is that a person is often judged by the people according to the language s/he uses both in public and in private. If one is known for being a person who uses unseemly language, people lose trust in one’s decency. And a time will come when one would wish that people had trust in them but it would already have been too late.

People in positions of authority should be such that each and every utterance is weighed carefully before it is made. In short, all pronouncements should be measured and mature to avoid unrest in the public.

What respect will one earn in using unseemly language in public? Every decent man abhors or should abhor indecent language. That is how people will respect one and give them the regard they deserve. If one is constantly spewing evil language, one will end up losing any and all respect people had for one.

Gambians should understand that the Gambia is bigger than everyone and as such whatever is done must be for the good of the country and not based only on petty personal matters.

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