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The pandemic: Our fight

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By Momodou A Jeng
Retired civil servant, Brusubi

At this crucial period of the pandemic our compliance with W.H.O guidelines must not be based on the limited number of cases registered.
We the citizens of The Gambia ought to as individuals orheads offamilies apply more self-discipline at all times. We should further push the grass far from our straw fence, because we do not know the velocity of this fire which started in China.

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The Forty-five days State of Emergency is just a number, as we do not know when Covid-19 will disappear. Many will agree with me that we are not exercising much seriousness with regard to the guidelines on Covid-19 preventive measures. Social distancing has a lot of room for improvement. It is better to comply, rather than to say that ”we are not the only ones who are breaking the rule.”

The National Assembly select committee monitoring the State of Emergency, the village development committees, ward councilors, alkalolu and district chiefs, all have responsibility to further sensitize the people. It is time that we know that it is no longer business as usual. In our communities we should continue to educate and sensitize our people at whatever cost. Our survival as a nation depends on all of us acting together and implementing the W.H.O guidelines to the letter.
My fellow countrymen, I beg your indulgence to take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously and comply with whatI call our five as a Family.

1. Avoid crowds or gatherings and wear clean masks at all times. (mask over nose)
2. Everywhere observe Social distancing e.g. at bakeries, car parks, super markets etc.
3. Wash hands regularly and thoroughly (20 seconds with soap) especially when you return home.
4. Try not to touch your face especially with unwashed hands.
5. Adhere to physical distancing when talking. Cough and sneeze on a bent elbow or use a tissue. Dispose tissue in a bin and cover it.

I am certain that if each and every person keeps the distance in gatherings and also respecting the public health prescriptions, we shall all be safe. We shall see light at the end of the tunnel within a short period INSALLAHU. I pray that this ”stranger” packs up and leavesoonest and we have a prosperous farming and Tourist seasons.
I therefore beg all of us to comply with our five as a family.

For all Health workers at the Front-line,teachers,philanthropists and organisations helping with Food and sanitary materials, Almighty God will surely reward you. He pays ten when you offer one. Our health workers, the Immigration officers, the police and drug enforcement agents,I cannot find apt words to state how much you have demonstrated patriotism. Keep up the good work. This is to teach us among other things, that there is dignity in Labour and that we have a common cause to fight. Together we can conquer the disease.
Watch out for the second fight- this is just our first.

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