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The raging diplomatic passport saga

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Revelations about the diplomatic passport saga have refused to go away.

In fact, it’s like every day, they spread wider and like an octopus, engulf more and more people.

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The latest to be hit by the tsunami is the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Baa Tambadou.

Reports emerging on social media revealed that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice wrote to the Office of the President to seek approval to get Diplomatic Passports for his mother, stepmother, wife and two sisters.

A leaked letter also showed that a week after that request, a letter of approval was sent to him from the State House agreeing to issue the documents to all those mentioned.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad (MoFA) is said to be the institution that is, or should be, responsible for coordinating the request for the issuing of diplomatic passports.

These problems show a serious lack of control in some of the departments responsible for certain services to the citizenry in the country.

In fact, there is a certain lack of clarity on the issue of who should or should not have access to the diplomatic passport.

The office of the Spokesperson of The Gambia Government has issued a press release explaining that the government has set up an investigative panel comprising the Police, the Immigration and other security officials to look into the issue and reach the bottom of the issue.

It is hoped that that investigation will be swift, thorough, unbiased and exhaustive.

It should also be such that it probes into the issue with an objective approach and bring out all the facts.

Then whoever is found wanting should face the full force of the law.

A nation cannot exist and prosper without systems and a set of rules and laws which govern the activities and interactions of the people.

These rules and laws must be enforced without fear or favor.

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