The story of the dazzling Manding Morre Entertainment center in Brufut Home turned to an Inn


The famous Timeless Restaurant chain, owners of Ninki-Nanka (dragon) Entertainment, has now  launched  another chapter to its fastest spreading enterprise – the Manding Morre Entertainment Centre, located at the entrance of Brufut  town.

The new addition has extra attractions, a bed and breadfast facility, conferennce hall, laudry , bakery and  an imposing musical stage  for music performers using the facility’s own instruments.

 According to Malafi Touray, the founder and CEO of the Timeless brand,  the Manding Morre  Entertainment Center in Brufut is  a new bady  which his company is  very passionate about.


”What we are doing here is more than a business investment. It is also part of the transformation of a fast growing settlement , the native Brufut town itself, not the outskirts which has no connections with the native people of Brufut. Our motivation to invest here is driven by the desire to provide  a standard  restauarant, a decent accomodation  and entertainment facility that the natives of Brufut themselves can be proud of since it is their own,” Lafi told The Standard.

“The facility is much more than a mere eating or sleeping place. Imagine it has a laundry which is a first in this town coupled with a modern bakery and mini- market  which makes it a one-stop hub for any type of visitor, local or foreign,” he said while leading a conduted tour of the Manding Morre Entertainemnet complex.

The guest house has 10 one-room bungalows, two one-bedroom apartments and a restaurant.

These cozy and spacious one-room bungalows are a lodging with a twist. They’re the types typically found in historic ancient homes in rural Gambia, which have been in existence from pre- colonial days to now. 

What’s inside

To the leisure seeker of travelers in real need of a standard accommodation, Manding Morre provides a home away from home because owners live on-site and interact with travelers as if they were invited guests rather than unknown temporary guests.  Food ranges from sumptuous home-cooked meals to modern European and African food prepared by well-trained staff under high standard hygiene.

“We also have three function rooms which are available as separate spaces or in any combination encircling a main hall used for conferences.

The lounge is situated above the restaurant overlooking the road and the neighbouring properties, wrapped around  a small  and larger terrace at the rear.  This space here can accommodate up to 50 guests seated in a formal arrangement or up to 100 in a more casual setting. The lounge is perfect for the smaller gathering as we furnish the area with comfortable sofas along with more formal tables”, he said, proudly showing  the beaufully shaped thatched houses.

Manding Morre  also  offers a large space with a private bar and stage for entertainment purposes which can accommodate up to 200 guests seated in a formal arrangement or 250 in a more casual setting, ideal for large meetings, weddings or parties.

“’The top hall is situated above the main hall and can accommodate up to 50 guests seated in a formal arrangement and up to 150 in a more casual setting in addition to a  shaded terrace to the rear overlooking the neighbourhood,” he said.

Lafi said music is  the speciality  of the Timeless brand which has been championing local cultural musicians and dancers and promoting Gambian and international DJs. “Whatever your musical taste we can ensure your programme is entertaining and memorable here at the the Brufut Manding Morre,” he said.

Touray said the restaurant  has the capacity to feed  hundreds of people whether they diners or conference delegates  making Manding Morre the ideal place for governmnet or private insititions wanting to hold a seminar or workshop, retreat or staff party at  a quiet  noise- free environment.

Sport leisure seekers or tourists

“Since we are located near a would -be state of the art multi purpose sport center, we are the ideal place for football game campers, overnight sleeping spectators and officials,” Lafi said.

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