The UN General Assembly


The 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations is currently underway in New York, United States of America. The United Nations was formed shortly after the Second World War to promote and protect World Peace. Almost all countries of the world are member states and they take part in the general assembly.

The United Nations is – can be – a great source of peace in the world if it is properly structured and run. If this great body were formed based on equity and justice, it could have been the one most important tool at the disposal of man to have a peaceful world.

However, the fact that there is a select few who form the Security Council and have veto powers is undermining its efforts to have world peace. Many countries see it as biased and unfair that one country could veto whatever all the others agree on. Mostly, this veto power is used to block some very important resolutions which could have heralded peace in some regions of the world.


Over the years, the attitude of some countries going unilateral in their declaration of war has eroded the trust many had in this important organization. This tends to polarize the world into camps competing in their spheres of influence and this is not healthy for world peace.

Granted all this, the United Nations is still a force for good. It is doing a lot of good in many parts of the world even though some see it as just a little of what it could have been.

For a more peaceful world therefore, it would have been beneficial if the United Nations was reformed to either do away with the Security Council or include every continent in it rather than a select few which fuels conspiracy theories. It is hoped that this session will not be just a talking ship and no action in some areas where some form of action is needed to end suffering of the people.