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The world admired US for long. Now we pity it

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The Great Democratic United States of America is embarrassingly gumming its grip on its new-found status-laughing stock- as it threateningly regresses from beacon of democracy to a caliphate of laughs.

After imparting lessons upon lessons of democracy to the ‘undemocratic’ world for many decades now, the democracy-ministering US has embarrassingly found itself struggling with disruptions to the function of its democracy.

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Arguably, the world’s most powerful man-Trump- is refusing to concede defeat in an election declared generally free and fair.

Donald Trump is not only defiant in defeat, he’s also growing more combative, disruptive and destructive.

The defiant Trump has been busy making decisions with widespread national and global implications. In the waning days of his term and power, Trump has been tinkering foreign policy.

He is also making it difficult to make available presidential office space to the Biden campaign. The old occupant is intent on staying put even after the new one has paid off his mortgage.

And true to his erratic nature and propensity to make bewildering decisions, the bruised business mogul now turned a disgraced US President of one four-year term, has also been sacking, appointing and re-appointing in this peculiar transition.

With Trump dangerously recalcitrant in humiliation, putting spanners in the works of America’s hitherto envied but now much-laughed-at-democracy, thinking that Ethiopia’s Abi Ahmad will heed calls to cease the senseless ‘massacre’ in Tigray may be too much of an expectation. With hundred dead from both sides in the conflict in Ethiopia, AU should start the ball rolling to forestall the humanitarian crisis of unacceptable proportion.

But as the world laughs at the US and, at times, in roaring and rib-breaking fashion, AU, UN, OIC and other relevant bodies should also quickly get to work as the violation of the 30-year ceasefire agreement between Morocco and the Polisario Front in Western Sahara is fast degenerating into a state of war.

Meanwhile as America’s aura of democratic respectability wanes with drama upon drama each passing day, it has yet to be seen how the Great Democratic United States of America can repair this damage to its reputation, pride, consciousness and authority especially after bullying us for centuries into believing that the US is the Big Brother when it comes to many issues, including democracy and that we must fall in tow.

We believed US. We admired US. We emulated US for decades. However, after deciding to vote for Trump over Hillary in 2016, and the subsequent drama that unfolded at the Hill, the world now feel sorry for the US.

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