Traditionalists decry destruction of cultural shrines at Kamalo


Reporters this week followed a group of traditionalists, mainly women to Kamalo, a bush around Denton Bridge, where they claimed ‘wanton’ destruction of shrines held high esteem as traditional spiritual spots for decades.

According to the group found on the ground, the area has been home to shrines that have received people of reputable standings who came there, mainly on Thursdays to pray for wealth, children and success, just like it is the case with other shrines in other parts of the country.

However, according to the group, a few years ago, some investors established a factory on the ground, destroying these shrines which have existed over many decades.


They said the said factory could not operate and is still standing as a white elephant project because the shrines have been offended and there could be more consequences for those involved giving the land to the investors who destroyed the shrines.

The group warned that any further destruction of the shrines could spell disaster and urged the Gambia government to protect the shrines for preservation just like the Katchically crocodile pond in Bakau or the Sanementereng shrine in Brufut or even the Folonko shrine in Kartong.

“These Kamalo shrines have been existing and recognised to be spiritual healing places since the Jawara era and they should be left alone. They are highly respected places and any interference with them can spell doom for those involved,” an elderly woman who frequents the place, told reporters.