UDP regional spokesman counters Hamat


By Amadou Jadama

The spokesperson of the United Democratic Party in North Bank Region has described as foolish comments that President Barrow is here to stay.

Njie is responding to Hamat’s recent claim to visitors from YBK that President Barrow will be re-elected in December because he is the one who represents all tribes and developing the country, as well as NPP campaign manager Lamin Cham’s claim that Barrow would stay in power as long as he wishes. However according to Karamo Njie, he would rather reply to Hamat Bah, since Lamin Cham is not important in politics.


“I cannot understand how Mr Bah who is an experienced politician can blind himself to the growing dissatisfaction among Gambians about the bad administration of the government of which he himself is an integral part. Can’t he hear the cries of corruption, incompetence and tribalism that is coming from all corners for the country? Everyday someone would join the political field to bring to an end to the catastrophic regime of Adama Barrow. How can an intelligent man like Hamat Bah fail to see the growing unpopularity of Barrow?” Njie asked.

The UDP regional chairman added that he is not surprised that Hamat Bah is sugar coating every speech he makes in front of Barrow because he is an expert in pretension. “I know him very well. Let Barrow ask Hamat to be frank and truthful about why he disappeared during the Coalition campaign. He will never be honest with that answer. He simply ran away because of selfish reasons. He never believed that the coalition will win and but when that was achieved, he rushed to take center stage. Barrow should watch Hamat very carefully,” Karamo Njie said. He accused Hamat of being an unprincipled politician who sold his party to the NPP alongside all the good values he ever stood for.