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Ghanaian-born Muhammed Ibn Chambas, after a meeting with President Jammeh at State House told journalists: “You know today in Africa, there is a zero tolerance policy for unconstitutional accession to power and the UN completely subscribes to this. The UN has stated very clearly and so there should be no ambiguity about that. There is also the willingness on the part of the UN to work very closely with the Gambian authorities to thoroughly investigate this in a manner that will satisfy every body… that the facts are known and those who are culprits in this are brought to face justice with due process and total respect for human rights.

“So on this, we are very pleased that the Gambian authorities are willing to work with the UN to ensure that this matter is thoroughly and properly investigated and that it will be a deterrent to anyone who may seek to try and overthrow a constitutionally constituted government and authority in The Gambia or anywhere in Africa.” 

Mr Chambas, who is in the country on a fact-finding mission, extended UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon’s ‘special New Year wishes’ to President Jammeh and condemnation of any attempt of unconstitutional change of government. 


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