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UTG says probe uncovered no sex exchange


Following the publication of the outcome of the University of The Gambia’s investigations into alleged grade altering which revealed the sacking of at least four officials and the revoking of 47 grades, the registrar, Lamin Taro has told The Standard that contrary to claims, no incidents of exchange of sex for grades was discovered by the enquiry.

The scandal broke out last year with whistleblowers claiming that some staff members have been altering grades in exchange of money and sex.

However, Registrar Taro said none of the witnesses interviewed in the investigations confirmed giving or receiving sex or money exchange for altering grades.

“And in any case the majority of the grades that have been altered belonged to male students,” the registrar said.

Asked what has been discovered as the motive of the staff concerned in altering grades for students, Mr Taro said the only thing established is that the culprits and beneficiaries of the acts know each other.

He said what is important that is that the UTG Governing Council has taken action sacking four personnel and revoking 47 grades and ensuring that such a thing never happens again. “Equally the claims that it was sex for grade scandal are false,” he concluded. 

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