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We are at war with ourselves

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By Ebrima Nyang

The Gambia under the leadership of President Barrow is facing arguably the worst time in its recent history.  I keep asking myself why? How are the government officials only focused on “mind your business attitude”?  With no accountability, whoever is tasked with a responsibility, needs to be accountable and performance managed.

Sadly, there are too many kings in our small kingdom, The Gambia. Is Barrow the man to take us to the next level? I think not.

The corruption and hardship in this country is unbearable. People are seriously feeling it due to the irresponsible government with incompetent cabinet ministers. We will never get a good explainable reason from the Barrow administration? It will always be the same: romanticising lies while people die slowly from hunger and destitution. What happened to the famous adage, “government officials are servants of the people?”

Our economists tell us hifalutin stories of the country moving forward but the reality is we are on a reverse gear!. The Gambia has been reduced to a beggar nation!

For the president to leave a positive legacy, his words must be his bond. We no longer have faith in his pronouncements. It is time for a paradigm shift. The Gambia needs a better person to lead and build a country we can be proud to take ownership of.

The country is at a crossroads and every decision taken by this government is negatively impacting the lives of the majority of poor Gambians. For how much longer are we going to entertain the expensive bad decisions of this government?.

Some are blinded and can’t see anything from a progressive point of view. But the Gambians who have this country at heart believe that a great dream was hijacked by a selfish few after the 2021 election. It could have been a turning point to pedal for a fast growing country, but alas!

The security of this country is fragile and no Gambian can be assured of living to see tomorrow. The president and his family are heavily protected and so he does not care.

The country is at a point where we need a good decision-maker. Barrow should not even talk about trying to secure another mandate come 2026. Our people are suffering and the decision to remove him is in our own hands and I believe we wouldn’t miss the opportunity in 2026.

We were given the chance to correct our mistakes over the years and we allowed ourselves to be carried away by parochial political interests, tribalism, lies, injustice and cheap propaganda. Today, even those who voted for Barrow are not proud of their decision because no one is happy with how this country is being governed. I hope we will forget our differences and know that we owe it to this country to do what is right. Our destiny is in our own hands!

Ebrima Nyang is the first administrative secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress.

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