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Your inconsistency reveals more than what your actions imply


Dear Editor,

1. If you are supporting President Barrow and at same time condemning President Macky Sall for whatever he is doing to consolidate his political power, you are not condemning Macky Sall for what is wrong or wright, rather your attitude and action must be determined by other interests and factors, it cannot be morally justified.

2. If you have supported Yahya Jammeh and you are today sympathising with Ousmane Sonko and condemning Macky Sall, your attitude and action must be determined by other interests and factors, it cannot be morally justified.

3. If you have fought against Yahya Jammeh, and you are today supporting Macky Sall and supporting his crakdown on Ousman Sonko and the youths, your attitude and action must be determined by other interests and factors, it cannot be morally justified.

4. If your stand for or against the supremacy of constitution, good governance, human rights, freedom of assembly and expression, corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, use of force is consistent in both The Gambia and Senegal, then you are genuine and authentic in your cause, otherwise you are selfish, a tribalist, an opportunist, insensitive and a hypocrite.

What was wrong in The Gambia cannot be right today in Senegal, and what is wrong today in Senegal cannot be right in The Gambia.

Matilda Jallow


Re: Police score low on professionalism in Afrobarometer report

Dear Editor,

Crime has risen in The Gambia in recent years. Unfortunately, insight into the law, working systematically and investigating a committed crime is minimal.

I speak from my own experience and on behalf of many other foreigners whose police cases have not been solved even after years of following up on them. This is partly because of corruption.

Workers in the system should practise their profession professionally, but often they want to see money and money to solve a case, or what often happens, they help their own fellow citizens by lying and distorting the truth against foreigners.

This system has a lot to solve. What they have to stand for is the protection of the rights of the citizens as well as foreigners. Abuse of power as a police officer is unacceptable. I wish the government good luck with coming up with solutions before other countries start demanding clarification.

Trudy Wissink

Rheden, Gelderland, The Netherland

Re: Buyers of Jammeh’s properties revealed

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to The Standard newspaper for revealing the names of the buyers of the properties forfeited to the state by President Jammeh. Since 2019, Gambians have been demanding to know what happened to the assets and properties the state seized from former president Yahya Jammeh.

Were they all sold? How many were sold. How much were they sold for? Who bought what? These were all legitimate questions.

The Gambia government for whatever reason refused to give these answers to Gambian people. Instead people had to resort to speculations. There were rumours that some cabinet ministers bought some properties and even cows belonging to Jammeh. Because of government’s strange silence on the matter people believe the stories.

Now The Standard much to its credit has lifted the lid on the issue. But the report has opened up more questions than provided answers. If only 44 properties were sold in 2019 out of 281 landed properties, what happened to the rest in the last five years? What about the cars, aeroplanes and other items belonging to the former president?

President Adama Barrow and his ministers should respect Gambians and give them answers when the people ask legitimate pertinent questions?

BaFoday Janneh

South Atlantic, Fajara

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