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Why are Gambian artistes howling over sponsorship?

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But some of the artistes have shown optimism that it will go fine for them even though there are no sponsors on board to assist them.

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In an exclusive interview with most of the top Gambian musicians, they all called for the support of the general public to embrace their music and give more attention while also calling on sponsors to assist them to make their career bright and easy for them.

Here I quote Bai Babou who said:” Sponsoring has been the headache of every Gambian musician and I hope things will change as we move on because without money you can’t push the music further and music is the hardest thing to do in The Gambia from the studio to the radio for promotions.”

ST added:” Gambia is so hard to make music as you wish, you produce good songs and people will appreciate it but to see sponsors always become difficult on our side, so it is high time we cuddled our own music but no matter what I will still do my music and hit the hard button to go further.”

Maha MSB said: “Yeah, sponsor [ship] is a main problem but gradually there will be a day that we shall all overcome such challenges because our music was not appreciated before as it is now and I believe it will be appreciated later than it is today.”

 Aisha A Jagne, a keen follower of Gambian music shared her thoughts about the main reasons why Gambian musicians are not sponsored. “They can only be considered if they come under one umbrella and agree on one solid thing that all musicians will abide to, but at times what artiste A does and says is far different from what artiste B will do or say, so in order to gain the momentum they should do the same thing then more people will come on board to give a helping hand,” she said.

She advised the artistes to put aside all their differences and concentrate on the ultimate goal which is to go further with their music and not to be drawn backwards.


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