Why are married men turning to sex workers?


By Momodou Darboe & Mafugi Ceesay

If some house-wives knew what some sex workers have been saying about their husbands, they would endeavour to up their husbanding skills.

An investigation conducted by The Standard has thrown the lid off how some married men take greater preference to night workers than their own wives.


These reporters have, during the course of their investigations, discovered why husbands will seek sexual pleasure several miles away from their doors.

“Some of my clients [married men] complain of boredom in their matrimonial homes,” said Clara (not her real name).

According to the 22-year-old sex trader, her conversations with her clients showed how the need for variety is pushing several men out of their matrimonial homes to hook up with sex workers.

Another 25-year-old night worker, Eva (not her real name), told The Standard at a brothel on the busy Kotu Highway how her clients of married men complain of sex starvation as their growing libido could not be quenched by their partners.

“Many of them hightails it here because they feel better served by us,” she said chuckling.

The Standard investigation has also revealed how married men from different walks of life are significantly contributing to the commercial sex economy.

“Some would come to the brothel hooded whilst others prefer call service-call girls,” Sharon (not her real name) told this medium.

“Some men will naturally turn to sex workers if their women cannot perform their bedroom duties to their satisfaction. This is safer than sleeping with area girls at the risk of unwanted pregnancy,” Mercy (not her real name) said.

“I think we treat their husbands better than them. If not, they would have no reason to patronize us,” a 37-year-old night worker said.

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