Works minister tough with contractors on meeting targeted dates


The Minister for Transport, Works, and Infrastructure Ebrima Silla has warned contractors and consultants working on the Nuimi Hakalang, Kiang West, North Bank Rural roads and the Trans – Gambia projects to meet targeted dates or risk facing the consequences.

The minister made these remarks during the Project Steering Committee meeting on these projects at Mansakonko Friday.

According to Sillah, the government will ensure that public money is spent on the right cause and not wasted “This is the decision of the President and it has to be implemented. Let me say that our relationship with the stakeholders including contractors and consultants and beneficiaries is on one cardinal principle, that is the interest of the Gambia. So we have a frank discussion today on all the issues affecting these projects. We will look at everything that is delaying these projects and take remedial measures as recommended by the consultants. I think we have had a series of discussions over the last two years for some of the projects and if the same issues are repeated, then there is a strong need for the government to take action so that public money is not wasted,” Sillah told his audience.


He continued: “We are not witch-hunting anybody and we are not interested in causing trouble for anybody. But we cannot also sit and compromise national interest by allowing people at liberty to do what they feel like doing with public works”.

The minister further stated the government would not accept sub-standard works from anyone at any time. “We are not going to settle for public officers who should tell us the truth and are not giving us the truth. No matter who is involved,” he said.