Yahya Jammeh is not a fugitive – Jarol NAM


By Mafugi Ceesay

Alhagie Sankung Jammeh, the APRC National Assembly Member for Foni Jarol, has told The Standard that the former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh is not a fugitive and should therefore be free to come back home at his own will.

“In fact it is wrong for anyone to make any noise about his coming back because he has that right. Guaranteed by section 25 of the constitution just like everyone else,” Sankung said.


He added that Jammeh would be better placed to face the many accusations against him here on the ground.
“The Gambian people need to respect Yahya Jammeh,” he added.

Mr. Sankung said the government of the Gambia cannot deny APRC permit for a peaceful demonstration to demand for Jammeh’s return since they have already given it to 3 Years Jotna and Gambia for Five Years.
“We are all citizens, equal under the law,” he said.

44 Ghanaians
Asked to comment on the campaign to bring Jammeh to justice in Ghana for the killing of 44 Ghanaians, the Jarol NAM said the Ghanaians should first think of prosecuting their former president Jerry Rawlings for the atrocities he committed.
“The Gambian people should not even think along that line of taking Jammeh to Ghana for trial. It does not happen that way,” Sankung Jammeh said.