2 GNPC staff charged with D20 million fuel theft


By Binta A Bah

Prosecutors have amended charges against three employees of Gambia National Petroleum Corporation accused of stealing D20 million worth of fuel belonging to the company.

Four charges of economic crime, fraudulent false accounting and stealing by clerk and conspiracy to commit felony are now slammed against Nfansu Fatty and Ensa Colley. Charges against Karamo Fatty who was earlier charged alongside Nfansu and Ensa, have been dropped.


On two different occasions, prosecutors informed the court that they didn’t know the whereabouts of Karamo Fatty.

They said they have now filed four charges against Nfansu and Ensa and informed the court that they are willing to proceed with the trial.

The amendments followed a declaration by Justice Bakre three weeks ago of his intention to discharge the men if the prosecutors could not produce Karamo in court after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to the bill of indictment, Nfansu Fatty and Ensa Colley conspired and falsified GNPC’s receipts in favour of one Modou Njie and stole fuel worth D20 million.