2 murders in one week


There have been two brutal murder cases in the space of five days, prompting fears that violent crimes are on the rise again.

On Wednesday September 6, a young civil servant, Ousman Jarju working at the National Audit Office was stabbed to death on Palma River Beach by young people who robbed him of an unspecified amount of money and other properties.

A number of people including the principal suspect have been arrested by police over the matter. 


Then on Sunday September 12, at the Brufut beach, a young man Abdoulie Sanneh was stabbed with a pair of scissors by one Yusupha Bojang. According to the police, Yusupha allegedly stabbed his victim while supporting his friend Modou Camara who was fighting with Sanneh. Both Yusupha and his friend Camara have been arrested and are helping the investigations.

This incident prompted a mob of young people who mobilised themselves to surround the alleged killer’s family house in Brufut Sanchaba seeking revenge. Eye witnesses said the mob attacked a car and air condition belonging to General Lamin Bojang, an uncle the killer.

The mob accused Mr Bojang, who is also the leader of the opposition ANRD, of threatening to shoot them. However, in an interview with Kerr Fatou Gen Bojang denied flashing a gun. He said he had to scare the mob to protect his family. He said he regretted the action of his nephew Yusupha, who is said to have been involved in a previous murder case.

Meanwhile, in another tragic incident, one Ismaila Sanneh of Brikama died after being knocked by a car. Another man with him is in the hospital with critical injuries. Many commentators believed Sanneh was murdered by the driver who remains at large. So far, police only confirmed the incident but no other details.