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2 NEA staff charged with D11M economic crime

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By Binta A Bah

Prosecutors in Banjul have filed multiple charges against the director of administration and head of finance at the National Environment Agency accusing him of causing economic loss to the agency in the amount of D11 million.
Muhammed Denton, currently in the United Kingdom, is charged alongside one Omar Jobe, also an employee of NEA, who was escorted to court by a police officer.
The duo has been slammed with eight counts, three for economic crimes, three for money laundering, one for official corruption, one for conspiracy to commit felony and for stealing by clerk.
The court was informed by the state counsel K Badjie that Denton is currently in the UK.
The state counsel wanted the court to remand the second accused Jobe but the judge, Bakri responded that if the accused is not a flight risk, he should not be kept in custody considering the fact that the first accused Denton is not around to stand trial.
Meanwhile, Jobe will continue on a police bail pending his next appearance in court. He was served the indictment in court as he was not represented by a lawyer.

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