3 Years Jotna founder tells Diaspora Gambians to boycott election


By Alagie Manneh 

Musa Koteh better known as ‘King Sport’ the founder of proscribed pressure group ‘3 Years Jotna’, has urged his fellow Gambians living abroad to stay clear of the December presidential election, claiming their votes will be open to manipulation and retain Barrow in power.

Speaking to The Standard from his base in New Jersey, USA, yesterday afternoon, Mr Koteh said diasporan participation in the polls will do more harm than good. “Instead, the diaspora should send millions of dalasis home to encourage their family members and friends to vote Barrow out and put the country on a corrective course,” he said.


He added: “We [Gambians living abroad] don’t want to and should not vote because it wouldn’t favour us. This government is corrupt, therefore, if we vote, we will be opening the doors to cheating and irregularities. For us in the US, there’s zero chance for them to manipulate our votes but for those Gambians in Senegal, Mali, Guinea and elsewhere, it will be quite easy. Senegal especially, we all know Macky Sall is more corrupt than Barrow and, these people are going to come up with all sorts of stories to legalise their fraudulent activities. The Gambia and Senegal are very close, so, Macky and his people can say there were 100,000 votes and who is going to dispute that?”

Financial leverage

Mr Koteh, a long haul trucker in the US, said Gambians living abroad subvent the economy of The Gambia. “We are the ones sending all those monies to The Gambia. So let us tell those people at the receiving end to put themselves together and save The Gambia just like they did five years ago,” he said.


He said there is a present and clear danger that forces are at play to get non-citizens registered for voter’s cards to enable them take part in the December elections. “Our message to them is stay away from Gambian politics. We are warning any foreigner who dares sniff his nose into our elections that you will be dealt with without mercy. Any Gambian who identifies any foreigner should report him or her to the members of the Operation No Illegal Voting. We will earmark this foreigner, when the dust settles, we will deal with him. Let’s not allow foreigners to take us back.”