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300 copies of Qur’an donated to mosques, schools

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Al Qur’an Foundation Banjul (AQFOBA), a charitable organization has over the weekend donated 300 copies of Qur’an to six mosques, individuals and other Islamic schools across the country.
According to the President of the organization, Modou Lamin B. Bah, the distribution is part of the organization’s Ramadan package.
“The foundation bought copies of Qur’an with the help of their main partner Sheikh Mahmud Sayeed, the Imam of Swansea City in the United Kingdom.
“These copies of Qur’an were distributed to Masjids and some madrassas in Sanyang, Sifoe and Banjul,” he said.
AQFOBA President added: “Other distributions were made to other individuals who teach the Qur’an as well as others who recite it”.
Bah further noted that his charitable organization has been venturing into humanitarian services for the past few years.
“We don’t venture into Qur’an distribution only in Ramadan and other humanitarian services but we also pay school fees for the needy and provide feast money during Tobaski, among other activities,” he disclosed.
He also noted that they have succeeded in distributing second-hand clothing to different people on the same day.
In receiving the copies of Qur’an, Alhagie Muhammed Darboe, an Imam in one of the Mosques in Sanyang, said the donation will go a long way in helping the Madrassa.
According to him, about 400 students are studying the Holy Qur’an there, adding “this will give a great chance for others who don’t have the Qur’an to be able to have access to it and make learning very easy for them.”
He thanked the organization and prayed for its success while calling them to continue helping the poor.
Similar sentiment was re-echoed by Sheikh Ceesay, Imam of Sinchu Baliya and several other people who received the copies of the Qur’an.

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