5 parties to sign coalition agreement today

5 parties to sign coalition agreement today


By Lamin Cham

After several weeks of consultations, five political parties have agreed to form a united platform to contest the presidential election on 4th December.

According to sources close to the talks, the process started in early September with a total of 11 opposition political parties consulted on the possibility of forming an alliance. 


However, our source added, along the way, some parties either pulled out or did not show any further commitment to the process.

Our source confirmed that eventually, only 5 parties have reached an agreement to join forces in the elections and they are: Gambia For All, Citizens’ Alliance, All People’s Party, National Unity Party and Gambia Moral Congress.

The parties are expected to sign a formal agreement this morning, Wednesday. It is not so far clear who among the leaders of the five parties would be the flag bearer.