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Dabanani account unblocked

Dabanani account unblocked


By Lamin Cham

The management of Dabanani Electricals yesterday confirmed that its business account at Bloom Bank which was “unlawfully” blocked by police Financial Intelligence Unit has now been unblocked.

Yesterday the company’s CEO Alagie Conteh charged that the account was blocked for “political reasons” arguing that the authorities were provided with adequate information about the legitimacy of transactions relating to a contract he signed with KEI of India for an Ecowas electrification project. 

Conteh who is a supporter of the opposition UDP further claimed that his company has been denied many potential contracts because of his political leaning.

News of the blocking of the account caused uproar and widespread solidarity for the businessman who is also an influential senior citizen.

Last evening Mr Conteh issued a short statement announcing the unblocking of his company’s account.  It read: “I wish to announce that our account has been unblocked and to thank all those who have shown immense solidarity with the case of my company. It is of great joy and satisfaction that there is so much compassion in our society, which has given me the fortitude to undergo the shocking and trying moments of the past few days. May Allah the Almighty reward each and every one of you. My heartfelt appreciation goes to each and everyone. May God bless you all.”

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