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50 NRP supporters ‘cross-carpet’ to UDP

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By Omar Bah

At least fifty people, claiming to be supporters of the National Convention Party, have announced they have left to join the United Democratic Party.
The group, which was headed by their chairman Dorro Bah was presented at a rally in Farafenni on Saturday organized by the women of Farafenni in honor of the UDP national deputy campaign manager Karafa Sonko.

The rally was graced by the party’s deputy leader Aji Yam Secka, Mayor Bensouda, NAMs, councilors and other party supporters who traveled to Farafenni to show their support and solidarity to the campaign manager.
However, a prompt reaction from the NRP, described the cross-carpeting as false.
A quick rebuttal posted on the party’s Facebook page read:
“We want to inform the general public that the information circulating on social media purporting that hundreds of NRP supporters led by Doro Bah cross carpeted to UDP, is false. This information, which is being spread by UDP stalwarts is a mere political hoax.

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Dora Bah was the APRC Chairman for Lower Saloum constituency. He joined UDP and recently got elected as its CRR Chairman. It is therefore illogical to say he cross carpeted to a party he already holds chairmanship or led people from a party he was never a member.
We want to reaffirm that our support base in CRR is intact and stronger than before.”

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