Hundreds of thousands of Gambians love and care about football but actually only73 people representing clubs, regions and affiliate associations will determine who runs Gambian football. The electoral list is designed such that all categories of the stakeholders will enjoy almost equal representation or at least proportional representation. The new amendments which increased clubs and votes for the other stakeholders were passed by general assembly at the last AGM.

So on Saturday 18 August, 30 clubs each with 1 vote, 5 affiliate associations each with 3 votes and 7 regions, each with 4 votes will elect the new executive to run Gambian football.
This breakdown makes a total of 73 votes.

According to Mbye Sarr a Serekunda West fan the decision these stakeholders will make on August 18 will reverberate around the heart and minds of the hundred of thousands of football fans in The Gambia. “If they choose people who cash in the game instead of those who will give service and value to it, then am afraid we are condemned to another football heart breaks for another four years.


In any case I agree with previous comments here that the stakeholders must know that it will be unfair and historically unkind to make this multitude of football fans suffer for their bad decision at the elections. We have suffered a lot under starred-eyed clueless leaders who made us a global laughing stock and cheats while others hoodwinked us with palatable but unachievable schemes. And all these after fortunes have been spent in per diems and sitting allowances (am not referring to anyone by name deh”) Mr Mbye candidly observed.
So far only Malick Sillah and incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo are known to have been interested in top job of president but with the race having just started, many may follow.
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