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Acquaint yourself with the Holy Spirit

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By Cynthia A.A Mahoney

We must first of all get acquainted with the Holy Spirit whose divine attributes are many and varied. Many believers talk about the Holy Spirit without relating with him.
In the Holy Bible, he is portrayed as the third person in the Trinity having his own personality. He is the knowledge and power of God.

When Jesus Christ was on earth, the Holy Spirit was in existence but not active, because the time had not come for him to be revealed. He is associated with the Creation and Resurrection.
Because of his Omnipotent nature, the Holy Spirit is very active in the affairs of the church. He guides, counsels, convicts and intercedes, distributing spiritual gifts as He pleases. He is both Omnipresent and Omniscient, meaning that He can be present everywhere at the same time, no one can escape Him, like David the psalmist rightly puts it in Psalm 139:7-12. The Spirit knows our deepest thoughts, and all what God has in mind for his people.

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We hear a lot about God the Father, God the Son but very little about God the Holy Spirit. Scripture talks a lot about Jesus Christ who came in human form to save the world from sin perhaps that is why people relate and know about Jesus Christ more than the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament centres on Christ’s mission of Salvation. He was actively involved in Christ’s birth, public ministry, baptism at the Jordan River, at the cross, and at the resurrection.

The evening before Christ ascended to heaven, he told his disciples that He would send them a helper, the Holy Spirit who would help guide, and teach them tougher doctrines and through the Holy Spirit, Christ “the true light” will illuminate every man and woman who comes in the world convicting the world of sin, righteousness. His mission primarily, is to bridge the gap between God and man.
Introduced as Advocate, Helper, Comforter Counselor, Intercessor and Sanctifier, the Spirit guides the believer to Christ and manifests
Christ’s grace as the Spirit of Grace.

The presence of the Holy Spirit in the church is necessary to empower church members, build up and train committed men and women as spiritual leaders. We are told that the Holy Spirit guides the operation of the church through constant prayer and fasting. He helps with serious difficulties that threatened the unity of the church and equips the church with special gifts, distributing them as he seems fit. The gift of edification and of exhortation helps to bring members to fellowship and worship in the house of God where they can also find help if necessary.

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Since the church is a unity with people of diverse gifts, the spirit finds fit to equip the church with special gifts such as the ability to prophesy, to teach, preach, do administrative work, and to serve etc. All these gifts are necessary to build up one another in love, peace and harmony.

Jesus warned his disciples not to strive or quench the Holy Spirit because he can be sensitive and emotional. He has a gentle character and does not force anybody to obey Him.
Acquaint yourself with the HOLY SPIRIT it is unique to Christian growth and a victorious and fulfilled life.

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