Activist urges gov’t to address rising rape cases


By Saidou S Baldeh

A respected women’s rights activist and director-general of Future In Our Hands (FIOH), Jainaba T Sarr has urged the government to address the rising rape cases in the country.

She particularly demanded an urgent investigation into the recent alleged rape incident in Busumbala that led to the death of one Marie Mendy.


There have been concerns over the number of rape cases in the country and Madam Sarr said the government should take these issues with seriousness.

“The rate of rape cases, the killing of innocent persons, robbery, and other life-threatening violence are a cause for concern in the country and action should be taken,” she said as her organisation celebrates 15 years of existence.

She also urged the government to intensify police night patrols to arrest “anyone who is found armed in the streets. We need security for the future of the country.”

“We must not be involved in the business of protecting criminals. We must advocate for peace and stability because people are no longer secure at the home, workplace, and anywhere and this has to stop. Government and community leaders have to step up to end this tragic incident claiming the lives of our future generation,” she said.

She added that the government should also double its efforts in ensuring that laws that criminalize rape and other violence against women are fully implemented.

“It is really shocking to wake up to the news of rape and killing. This has to stop,” she ended.