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Activist urges young people to be patriotic

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By Samsideen Ceesay

A Gambian-born activist based in Sweden, Momodou Malcom Jallow has called on the continent’s young people to be more patriotic towards the development of Africa.
Mr. Jallow was making this remark at a day-long symposium on the Role of Young People and the Diasporan in the Gambia organized by Your Change for a Change (YCFaC), youth-led group last Wednesday at American Corner along the Kairaba Avenue.

“Young people need to showcase their potential to ensure that our traditional values didn’t hinder our potentials. We need to be patriotic and love our continent as black people in order to contribute meaningful to the progress of our countries,” he said.

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He said Gambia’s young people should mobilize themselves as one people in order to build that unionism to ensure that their development is realized to the fullest.
Meanwhile Bintou Marong, global team, YCFaC said the youth being the majority worldwide improving their participation in decision making and other developmental initiatives will be very paramount.
She said YCFaC will continue to diversify their efforts in all sectors of development especially in the areas of youth development.

“We need to break the barriers as young people to ensure that our voices are heard,” he added.
The founding member YCFaC, Dr. Lamin Ceesay, said his organization has a program that will create partnership between YCFaC and the ministry of health.
“Let’s think what we can do for our country instead what our country can do for us as young people,” he stressed.

The information officer YCFaC, Andrew Gibba said young people should always work towards making informed decisions.
He said Your Change for a Change (YCFaC) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011 by a group of young individuals who are motivated in giving back to their community, and the world at large.

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