Adventurers to drive fire engine to Gambia to support orphanages


A pair of adventurers are preparing to drive a 1992 ex-service Saxon fire engine to The Gambia – to support a pair of orphanages in a village. Teddy Seymour and Adam Yates, from Portsmouth’s A&T Adventures, will be heading out to Africa on Boxing Day – with an old fire engine filled to the brim with supplies and donations. Teddy, 36, said: “We’re really looking forward to it – it’s been very stressful getting everything together and we’ve been pushed for it, but it’s all come through. “The fire engine is completely full now; we can’t quite believe this is happening, it’s just so awesome to be able to give a helping hand. We are dedicated to helping others that are less fortunate than ourselves. We are on our final push to get “Squirtle” the fire engine to her new home, in The Gambia.” From the UK, the adventurers will drive across France, Spain, Morocco and the Western Sahara to reach their ultimate goal – The Gambia. “We have filled “Squirtle” with toys and blankets, games and clothes and stationary all to be donated to orphanages and outreach centres on our arrival. Then “Squirtle“ will go into service within Gambia. We have been overwhelmed with things to take.”]]>