AG says wrong persons were charged in Penny Appeal case


By Aisha Tamba

Following its discontinuation of the criminal case against Penny Appeal last week without any explanations, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice has said the wrong individuals were charged.

In a statement yesterday, the AG said the case has been suspended and the police are directed to delve more into the matter in order to charge the actual offenders.


The ministry said it “uncovered new evidence in the course of the proceedings that suggests that the persons who were charged in this case were not linked to the commission of the offence. Therefore, the Ministry deemed it appropriate under the circumstances to suspend this case through the filling of a Nolle and redirect the Office of the Inspector General of Police to carry out further investigations, into the matter with a view to bringing the actual culprits to justice.”

The discontinuation outraged many, given it involves the protection and welfare of children against sexual violence.

However, the AG said his office is committed to “the course of justice, to effectively prosecute Sexual Gender Base Violence (SGBV) offences without fear or favour and further reassures the general public that it will continue to defend the interest and welfare of victims in the fight against SGBV offences in The Gambia.”