Airport authorities dispel leakage claims


By Lamin Cham

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority yesterday held an impromptu press event to dispel claims that the airport terminal was flooded due to leakages on the roof. This followed widely circulated images on social media showing the floor of the terminal apparently wet.

Gambians reacted to the image with anger questioning the quality of work in the recent $14M renovation project.


However according to GCAA spokesman, Lamin Dibba, there has not been any leakage from the roof of the terminal building as claimed by many social media commentators.

 ”The water that found its way into the terminal floor was from a drainage which overflowed with water coming from the bus parking garage, a vast space with a sloppy access road linking to the terminal building. It is misleading to say that the airport building was leaking. In fact, as I speak, the water has since been cleaned out with passengers checking for the Brussels airlines flight,” Mr Dibba said.