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Alhagie Mamma Jallow, Kerr Mamma

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He conquered a virgin forest that no ordinary man would dare visit or dwell in and established there one of the biggest and renowned Islamic schools (Dara) in the country, built a mosque and allocated land to himself and disciples to grow what they eat. He sent his children to go and search for knowledge and spread the word of Islam, some studied in Gambia (Kerr Mamma), Senegal (Futa), Libya, Egypt, Syria, Saudi etc. All of them today are renowned Islamic scholars, Imams etc.

Well respected islamic scholars in the sub-region i.e Casamance, Kabada, Futa, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry etc are alma maters of his great (Dara).
He was the man that will not eat unless the cats are served good portion of the meal. He will not also eat unless the man that calls the (azaan) Islamic call for prayer is around to join him. We once asked him why should we always have to wait for the azaan man before we can eat, he replied why should you eat before the man that calls you to prayers which is your visa to Jannah. I can attest to some of these anecdotes because I was one of the privilege grandchildren that was lucky to grow under his tutelage.

He was many things to many. A leader, mentor, educationist, environmentalist, teacher and to many of us he was just simply MAMA GORKO (grandfather). He instilled in his family and disciples the importance of Islam, Tijania brotherhood, humility and above all the phrase that i can vividly remember, in his own Arabic words Taelimu wa Aindibatun (teach and discipline them) which were fundamental to his teachings.

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Alhagie Mama was a very organized man who was in touch with his people and he tended his folk with empathy, love, respect and generosity something that endeared him to many. Words of goodness cannot finish describing him, we just summed it up to what Malick Ann said Noorah Jamal (light of beauty) and that is what turly you are Alhagie Mama Jallow.

Tribute in commemoration of 24 years on October 4th on the holiest day of the week Friday around 5 pm that the Angel that terminates man’s mission on earth visited the soul of the late Alhagie Mama Jallow of Kerr Mamma. May Jannatul Firdaus be your abode (MAWKI).

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