All eyes on the Supreme Court


A historic judgement is expected from the Supreme Court by many Gambians as it sits over the case brought by Miss Ya Kumba Jaiteh on whether the revocation of her nomination to the National Assembly is constitutional.

When it was announced a few days ago that the president has revoked the nomination of Jaiteh to the National Assembly, many citizens argued that it was unconstitutional and that the president does not have the powers to sack a National Assembly Member.

Gambians are divided on the issue as some say that as the president is the nominating authority, he should also have the power to revoke such nomination. Others on the other hand, say that the constitution is silent on whether the president can sack a National Assembly Member.


Taking the case to the Supreme Court is a great service to the nation as it will test the independence of the judiciary and set forth a record ruling which will strengthen the nascent democracy in whichever way they decide.

Interestingly, two lawyers who seem to agree with the president have also filed a case at the Supreme Court seeking an injunction to declare that the president’s action is constitutional and that Ya Kumba Jaiteh should vacate her position at the National Assembly premises.

The nation is atwitter!