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Amadou Samba denies involvement in GamPet management

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By Baba Sillah

The Gambian businessman, Amadou Samba has denied involvement in the management of Gam Petroleum and as a result, he could not produce any record regarding the affairs of the company.
Mr Samba was testifying once more when he reappeared before the Janneh Commission yesterday.
He however acknowledged being the chairman of the company at a certain point, noting that he thought DT Associates was the accountant of the company and therefore he would not know whether 35 million euros was the evaluation of the storage facility of the company.
“I cannot remember seeing the records of Gam Petroleum, but Euro Africa has every right to do an evaluation,” Samba said.

Mr Samba revealed that there was no tenancy agreement between him and Jammeh regarding the two offices and store occupied by Kanilai Family Farms.
Samba also claimed that Jammeh had never paid him anything for occupying the said offices, which prompted him to issue a notice to evict the occupants.
Bundles of tenancy agreement between him and various tenants at the Standard Chartered House among others were tendered in evidence.
Samba also spoke at length about how the storage facility of the company was acquired from the villagers by way of giving kola-nuts among others.

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