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Amir Trawally urges youth to sacrifice for nation

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By Amadou M Jadama

Baba F Trawally, the Amir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at The Gambia has urged the youths to be ready to sacrifice everything for their nation because they are the country’s backbone.
The Amir was speaking on Sunday during the closing of the 33rd Annual National Youth Conference held at Farafenni Senior Secondary School in North Bank Region.

The objective of the conference is to train its members on true Islamic values, to introduce in them the love for the best of mankind and also to inculcate in them the spirit of love and service to their country.
“One most fundamental aspects which is worthy of mentioning and which is very vital for the youth is volunteerism. As youth of the Jama’at and of our great nation, you should always be ready to sacrifice everything for your Nation even if that means at the end of the day you will earn nothing,” Amir Trawally urged.

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“Sometimes it is important that we work to be paid, but it is indeed even more important and rewarding to work voluntarily without expecting any pay. This spirit we indeed have in our Jama’at and we should interpret this in our nation building as well.”
He went on to say that, the present and future success of a nation is determined on the productivity of her youth. “In every society, youth have a very unique and distinctive role to play to see to the advancement and progress of that society.”

Amir further called on youth to be very regular in offering their five daily prayers. “Though there are many innovations today that distract the youth from this obligation, you should always be mindful and work harder towards offering this great pillar of Islam which is also the purpose of our lives.”
He further admonished them to always compete in the doing of good and help their fellow youth and brothers in this aspect just as the Holly Quran mentioned, adding “everyone has a goal which dominates him, vie then with one another in good works.”

“As youth, when you make choices, you should always be wise to see what is best not just for you, but for your family, society and nation. You should always ponder over what you can do not just to develop yourselves but to develop your societies and the nation,” he said.
For his part Ousman Mbowe Sadr, national president, said: “The Holy Quran which is the ultimate source of guidance and age, and in every aspect of our lives, has stressed greatly on the need for peace and reconciliation in our society and we have seen these teachings being beautifully displayed in the life of our beloved master, Hadhrat Khatamul Anbiya Muhammad Mustapha SAW.”
Sambujang Bah, the regional president for NBR, urged Gambians to continue maintaining peace and stability already existing in the country.
Basirou Mbye, senior GRA officer expressed similar remarks.

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