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Anatomy of Sheikh Omar Faye: The “I was working for my country bunkum”

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As I sit and take stock of the demise of Demba Touray (RIP), a victim of Yahya Jammeh and his thuggish Government, I am appalled by the level of callousness that is allowed to rear its ugly head in The Gambia and exhibited by the likes of Omar Faye. If your marabout asks you to give charity to a spineless, selfish, unscrupulous and duplicitous individual, do not walk past this man when you see him. He fits the bill to a tee. Now this wicked man is asking Gambians to “suck it up” and “move on”. He claims all Gambians “made mistakes” and so we should just move on. To this wicked man, his actions as ambassador and minister for a tyrant are equal to that of those who chose to guard their honor and never involved themselves with the evil of Yahya. Kon mu yombah di! Don’t take my word for the wickedness and hypocrisy of this man; let’s take a look at his own statements and you can be your own judge:

“Absolutely, absolutely. There is no questions about that because of the history and the reputation of the system. So yes, I think my safety will be at risk. There’s no doubt about that,” Sheikh Omar Faye.

Those were his words when he was recalled by his master, Yahya Jammeh. He said “the history and reputation of the system…” His words, not mine! Meaning he knew of the killings, illegal imprisonments, rapes and evil of Yahya, but he didn’t care, so long as he got to sit in DC pretending to be an ambassador of that same “system” he was afraid to come back to!! The history he refers to is the history men like Demba Touray suffered while he championed their killing in the hands of Yahya!

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Asked: “But then I have to ask. Given that this government does have a record of human rights abuses, why did you support the government for as long as you did?”

Meaning if you knew it was such a bad system that is so evil that you are afraid of going back, why did you continue to promote that evil all this while. His answer:

“I have done that because I’ve been serving my people. I was asked to go and serve the Gambia and not to serve an individual.”

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Who asked him to go and serve The Gambia? Certainly not the Demba Tourays of The Gambia!!! But that same excuse is the refuge of all these wicked and evil promoting sycophants. They all claim to be serving their country! They claim Yahya was democratically elected by The Gambian people. Ask them to name you one single election that was free and fair; a requirement for any semblance of a democratic process and they cannot name one! But I guess Satan is also serving some god somewhere! Upon his hiring by the dictator, this is what he had to say and not once did he mention being chosen by The Gambian people who he was supposedly serving!

“Speaking following the ceremony, Ambassador Faye thanked PRESIDENT JAMMEH for the confidence bestowed in him to serve as HIS representative in the United States. He called it an honour of a “lifetime” and reassured the PRESIDENT that he will live up to HIS expectations worthy of an Ambassador.” (Emphasis mine). Source: The Point.

After he was out scavenging for the next opportunity and courting Adama Barrow with the help of his fellow opportunists who managed to hang on from serving Yahya, this is what he said about Yahya:

“Remember, you are talking about the new government inherited from 22 years of very serious problems that The Gambia had gone through. Of course, there were some developments that nobody can deny, but then, WE HAD HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES, WE HAD DISAPPEARANCES, we had serious economic problems…”

So he knew people were disappearing and he knew about the human rights abuses, but since he cannot bring himself to be honest and call a spade a spade, he calls it “22 years of very serious problems…” Somehow, Sheikh Omar Faye does not understand if you go by his logic, those that were violating Gambians’ human rights and disappearing Gambians were also WORKING FOR THEIR COUNTRY! How is he any different from those violating the human rights of Gambians?

But let’s see what he says when he was part and parcel of those 22 years!

“Lots of positive things have happened, great things! Of course A FEW HITCHES HERE AND THERE. In 2014 my staff and I hosted President Jammeh when he was in Washington for the US-Africa Leadership Summit. I have met with State Department officials on several occasions to work on common interests, attended functions at The White House, and reached out to institutions to let them know that The Gambia is the PLACE TO GO.”

The “PLACE TO GO TO” His words!!! It was the place to go to when the going was good for him, but soon as he was fired, he claimed “my safety will be at risk. There is no doubt about that.”

You wonder why Masaneh Kinteh had to go? I cry not for him by the way! It’s a dog eat dog world in the world of sycophancy! If anyone thinks it is these Yahya Jammeh leftovers that will propel us into any form of progress, we will continue to subsist in poverty and neglect. These folks never cared enough and they certainly never will. I was sent a snippet of his interview defending the Senegalese incursion into The Gambia to apprehend a suspect claiming it was based on some agreement! If these people knew just a little bit of history about how the Casamance crisis started, they would be mindful of such. It was an incursion of Senegalese security personnel into a sacred grove in the Casamance that helped foment the already heightened prevailing tensions. To be waving some silly agreement made as if that is some holy edict and justification that renders any argument against the Senegalese actions null and void, is the height of ignorance.

We can continue to pretend as if Yahya Jammeh is our only problem and see if that will solve our problems. Embracing his enablers and not holding them accountable for their role for the sake of politics or whatnot, will be our undoing. This hypocrisy is the reason why my brother Mustapha Manjang said in fact he is supporting Yahya. He is not callous or indifferent to the suffering of Yaya’s victims, he is simply tired of seeing the unaccountable pretending as if they are saints while their family and friends embrace them! Our current foreign affairs minister whose communication campaign is relentless, humbly told us how he was praised by the UN for his role in preventing disaster during the 2016 Jammeh foolishness. The disaster he championed to the world somehow eludes him! He wants us to be grateful to him now.

I saw Jam Sarr (I agree with a buddy that someone should get that guy some much needed mental health help), another spineless and wily character, excoriating his old pal Sheikh Omar Faye and calling out his hypocrisy. Buwal beh nyo too foe la…. Acha rek!!!

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