Angry UDP supporters urge Barrow to form new party


By Omar Bah Hundreds of dissatisfied United Democratic Party supporters who turned up at the party’s recent regional congress in Brikama Saturday but were not allowed access by police, have shouted at the top of their voice, asking President Adama Barrow to form his own political party. “We believe the answer to all this nonsense is for President Barrow to form his own political party. For us even if Ousainu Darboe leads the UDP in the next presidential election we will not vote for him,” one of the protesters Alhagie Tunkara told The Standard in loud voice. The protesters, who were mainly from Sannementereng and Kombo South constituencies and part of defeated chairmanship contestant Lamin Jatta’s camp, also alleged that congresses held in the two constituencies were not transparent and they should have been done properly before the regional congress could take place. “We are behind President Barrow and we are going to defend him. He is the president, he should be given maximum respect especially by the UDP, because for 22 years we are following Ousainu Darboe. He could not win. All what they are doing is to undermine the president,” Tunkara charged. Another unidentified angry supporter shouted: “I believe Barrow should sack all those who are undermining him including Ousainu Darboe. We want to remind Ousainu Darboe that we all suffered for the UDP and he should be grateful to us by being honest to us.” However one of them cautioned they must avoid putting all the blames on Ousainu Darboe and that they must wait until they have the clear picture of the entire issue. Meanwhile, UDP Sannementereng constituency secretary, Amadou Bah, said they are angry because things were not done transparently. “We believe Sannementereng and Kombo South constituencies are being]]>