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Another mayoral aspirant for KM

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By Omar Bah

The former councilor for Kololi Ward and KMC deputy mayor, Momodou Jaiteh has declared his intention to contest as an independent candidate for the KM mayoral race .
Mr Jaiteh told The Standard though he won and spent all his councillorship on the APRC ticket, he believes the best way to achieve his goals to become mayor will be to contest as an independent candidate.

“My slogan is a Municipality that would serve the interest of everybody and the only way I can accommodate everybody is to contest as an independent candidate. I will be only fair to myself if I contest as an independent candidate,” he said.

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Asked whether he has now resigned from the APRC, Mr Jaiteh said: “I told everyone since that I am APRC until the council is dissolved then I would decide and I have decided to be an independent person henceforth.”
He expressed confidence that he can take the Municipality to another level if elected.
“I am very sure I have all the capability to face the challenges that await me. I have been there and I know what needs to be improved and how to do it,” he said.

Mr Jaiteh said if elected he would focus on waste management, infrastructural development, women and youth empowerment, sponsorship packages, special package for people with disability, fight corruption and ensure transparency.

“I will also make sure that whatever I am doing will be done in consultation with the people of the municipality. The mentality of deciding for the people what their future should be will be the thing of the past under my leadership as Mayor of KMC,” he concluded.

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