ANRD leader’s car burnt


By Lamin Cham

A mysterious fire on Wednesday burnt he interior of a BMW car belonging to Gen. Lamin Bojang, the leader of the Alliance for National Reorientation and Development, ANRD, at his Brufut family house. 

The fire, which was eventually put out by Bojang and his siblings, affected a large part of the dashboard and some parts of the front seats as well as the windscreen. Cause of the mysterious fire is still unknown but according to General Bojang, police who were called in to survey the scene, suggested the possibility of someone piercing off the corner of the windscreen to throw in a burning substance. “I was woken up by my sister who saw the burning car and together with my brothers, we scrambled for water to put out the fire. It was the night of the windstorm when electricity and water supplies were out. I called the police in the morning and so far, we have no suspects but they suspected foul play,” Bojang said. Asked if he thinks the incident could be politically motivated, Bojang neither dismissed no confirmed that possibility, only saying “we have no suspects yet.”


Since news of the incident broke on social media, many Gambians expressed dismay about it while others called for investigations into it.

“We should not take these kinds of things lightly especially in these toxic times in our politics,” a commentator said on social media.