Anthony B, other to storm Gambia for international reggae festival


The Gambia is set to host an international reggae festival on January 27th at the Independence Stadium in Bakau. The big international show also known as Smiling Coast Reggae Festival is being organized by Mighty Children and Jah Rising Sun.
The festival is the first of its kind to be held in the Gambia, said the event communication strategist Nfamara Jawneh,
“We bringing Reggae, Dancehall and Cultural Artists, Bands and Djs from the Caribbean and Europe to join hands with our Top Local Gambian Superstars to showcase an unforgettable night of pure musical vibes, he said.

He said their aim is to establish an international one night Reggae Festival that will be held annually in the Smiling Coast. We are promoting positive music and highlight The Gambia with our beautiful and rich culture across the world.

For the first time in history, International Jamaican Reggae Stars like Anthony B, Cali P and Tiwony will be sharing the stage with Gambian talents such as St. T Smallz Suso, Lixen Khan, Junior King, Sophia and the best local Dj’s.


“From Switzerland, Europe and all the way from Suriname, South America we have Elijah Salomon and Fullarny,” he added.

He applauded the brain behind the festival Mamadi Touray of Mighty Children and Jah Rising Sun for his commitment in promoting Gambian music.
He added: “Its new year gift to the Gambian people and we calling all Gambians young and old to come we create history all together!!”