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APP gets new leader

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By Alagie Manneh

Ebou Gaye, a businessman and farmer is the new leader of the All people’s Party, replacing Dr Ebrahim Jagne, who left after the local government elections.

Speaking for the first time as APP leader, Gaye paid tribute to his predecessor, Dr Ebrahim Jagne, for all he has achieved for the party.

“Mr Jagne has done a lot of great things obviously, but for some reasons he left, and now we want to consolidate on what he has done,” Gaye told The Standard. “We want to make sure everything about the party is controlled by the leadership as a whole and being the head of the party does not make anyone automatic flagbearer. The APP is a different setup all together,” he added.

A native of Saloum Mr Gaye went on to reveal his plans for the party: “What we want to achieve generally is to expand by putting up programmes, projects, and principles that people will appreciate. This is a small country with a lot of political parties. Why is that the case? We need to sit as political parties and see how best we can come together and be one. If you observe the current type of politicking in The Gambia you will see that it’s mostly politicians who are benefiting. Why is that the case? It is the people we claim to serve who should benefit. So, my mandate now is to reach out, in a bid to have a better organised opposition that will work together, feel together and think together to take the country forward. That is better than having different political parties fighting one another.”


Prior to his coming, the APP has aligned itself with the PDOIS, but Mr Gaye said his plan is to work with all political parties in the country that are ready to work for the interest of The Gambian people.

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