APRC Councillor now wants to be MP


By Olimatou Coker

Sulayman Jammeh, Councilor of Bundung Six Junction, has declared his interest to run for parliament under the ticket of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction for the Bundung constituency.

Disclosing this to The Standard, Mr. Jammeh said: “I want to take the development of Bundung to another level”.


Jammeh, who served as councilor since 2013, said he now wants to graduate to another level and with the vast experience in Bundung, he thinks he would be the most ideal candidate for the constituency. “I am grateful for the confidence of my constituents and also my team. We have together achieved a lot for our ward and the wider community of Bundung and beyond. We have also gained a lot from the experience and privilege of serving our people and community without any distinction or discrimination based on party, religious, ethnicity or others.”

“With this declaration, we intend to seek the nomination of our party and our alliance partners,” he said.