Letter to The Editor : Re: APRC faction to sponsor candidates as independents


Dear Editor,

On your 25th February edition, you published a news article where Yaya Tamba, the leader of the rival APRC faction known as ‘No to Alliance Movement’, said his group is on the final stages of selecting candidates for the April National Assembly elections. 

This is above madness. We all heard them saying the APRC national executive led by Fabakary Tombong Jatta is not recognised as APRC national executive. Now they are the ones sponsoring candidates as independents. Why?


Secondly what happened to their alliance with GDC and GAP?

Lamin Beyai


Dear Editor,

These people are not of political sound mind. They have been making noises and misleading gullible people and brainwashing them into believing Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his national executive committee are ex-APRC and they (the No Aim Movement) under Yaya Tamba are the legitimate leaders of the APRC. Now that common sense and reality has eventually hit home, instead of coming back to the party they are bent on making more blunders. Sore losers.

Bass Sonko

Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

Re: Re: GAP leader Batchilly asks NPP coalition partners to stay united

Dear Editor,

On your 23rd February edition you reported that Gambia Action Party (GAP), Musa Batchilly, has called on political parties in the grand coalition that backed Adama Barrow to stay united ahead of the 9th April National Assembly election. 

One of the most selfless person in the history of politics is Servant Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly. He is a very patriotic Gambian who always puts The Gambia first in everything.

I believe if we have more politicians like him, our nation will be as we want it to be. His love for the country is beyond measure. Honourable Batchilly, keep speaking the truth and together we will make The Gambia a great country Insha’Allah.

Abba Naar

Wellingara, West Coast Region

Dear Editor,

Mr Batchilly is a criminal who has cases at Kanifing court. He is a criminal-cum- politician joining the mafia group of thieves and looters. Remember, birds of a feather fly together.

Lamin Cham


Dear Editor,

Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly is an epitome of truth and steadfastness. Keep it up. The secretary general and party leader is a real hero with a golden heart. He is the only one thinking of how to solve the problem of high prices of commodities. May the Almighty give him the chance to help the poor. This is his concern.  Thank you sir.

Sambou Touray


Dear Editor,

There was no coalition. It was just the Barrow camp for their selfish interest. It was a coalition for opportunism and tribalism. For others like Dodou Jah the poison politician, it was a question of let The Gambia sink and fail but no UDP government!

Lamin Gambia

Independent Researcher