APRC must not make UDP’s mistake by trusting Barrow – Dibba


By Tabora Bojang

Ebrima Dibba, a prominent member of the opposition United Democratic Party, has cautioned the former ruling APRC against forming a coalition with Adama Barrow, warning Barrow is not to be trusted after his experiences with the UDP and reneging on all his promises.

Supporters of the former ruling party are embroiled in a bitter war of words over its executive committee’s coalition talks with President Barrow’s National Peoples Party.


Pa Modou Mbowe, a staunch APRC supporter and former managing director of The Daily Observer, confirmed he spoke to ex-president Jammeh who informed him that the APRC will not go into a coalition with any party, especially the NPP which the APRC executive strongly dismissed as false

In an audio obtained by The Standard Mr. Dibba a vocal opponent of former president Jammeh, said the APRC must not allow itself to be deceived by President Barrow and his promises to allow Jammeh’s return when APRC backs NPP, “because there are no guarantees that Barrow will do anything meaningful about Jammeh’s fate that he has not done since 2017. 

“The [APRC] militants should not let President Adama Barrow manipulate them for his personal gains. He [Barrow] wants to divide and kill political parties in his bid to entrench himself in power,” Dibba alleged in the audio.

“Barrow tried to divide the UDP but failed and gave up and now he is turning to the APRC but I am happy that genuine APRC party members like Pa Modou Mbowe and Jatta are standing their ground”, Dibba added.  Dibba said APRC must be intelligent not to fall for Barrow’s empty promises that he could do something about Jammeh when he gets another mandate.

“Why was he not able to do that in the last five years?” he asked. 

Dibba accused the APRC leadership of attempting to surrender the party to Barrow which he said is a great betrayal and ungratefulness to the party.

“These people are there for their pockets and now it is clear who are the true APRC and who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing,” Dibba alleged.