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APRC Not Party To 3 Or 5 Years

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Momodou Camara, the National Assembly Member for Foni Bintang Karani, has told The Standard that APRC is not a party to either 3 Years Jotna or Gambia for 5 Years.
The groups have opposite objectives, while the former vowed to stage a protest if the president ignores the coalition MoU, the latter said there should be no debate about the 5-year mandate of the President.

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Recently a hot debate erupted after the United Democratic Party said the President should respect the three years MoU.

Asked about his party’s stance on the matter, NAM Camara said: “The coalition was formed against APRC and if any issues arise between the coalition members, that is not our concern. As far as our party is concerned, these 3 Years Jotna and 5 years people were both together working to get rid of the APRC; so if they found themselves in a conflict, why should we be involved? So our stance is that we are not in any of the camps”.

He added that while there exists a constitutional mandate for President Barrow to govern the country for a period of five years, the same constitution empowers citizens to exercise their rights responsibly either through protests or other means.

He said the APRC will eventually take a stance but for the moment the party will remain seated on the fence and keenly follow everything to pan out.
Mr Camara said both camps have nothing to do with the National Assembly because none of them is bringing any bill to parliament.

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