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Ordered to return party’s motorcycle Dickory Ceesay, the APRC Sanementereng Constituency chairman yesterday walked into the office of The Standard to announce he has quit his position and is now supporting the United Democratic Party and the government of President Barrow. According to Mr Ceesay, who was also the APRC Busumbala Ward chairman, he made his decision known to his committee members and all those concerned. “Shortly before the nominations of the coming assembly election, I was asked by the party to host the selection process for the constituency but I politely declined and informed the members that I cannot host such a meeting because I am no longer with APRC as I have moved to support the UDP,” Mr  Ceesay said. Mr Ceesay however said he was disappointed by the APRC West Coast regional committee’s reaction to his decision. ”They wrote to me ordering me to surrender the motorcycle donated to the party for the chairman’s use. I think the regional committee acted so soon and are not grateful to the personal contributions and services I rendered for the party all these years. I think they should have the courtesy of writing to the constituency committee for a discussion on the matter. But they seem to be more interested in the bike forgetting they owe me too some gratitude,” Mr Ceesay said. However in their letter the APRC regional Committee had thanked Mr Ceesay for his service and prayed for him for a long life. Asked if he would be willing to surrender the bike, Mr Ceesay said he would be very willing if the matter is properly tabled at the constituency Committee level for discussion. “That I think is more proper,” he said. He further described the move as revenge against him for abandoning the party. “I have no grudge or anything against anybody. I just exercise my right to support the party I like,” Mr Ceesay concluded. Meanwhile last night The Standard contacted Solo Marreh, the chairman of the APRC West Regional Committee for his reaction to Mr Ceesay’s decision and the fate of the Bike. Mr Marreh said he received news of Mr Ceesay’s quitting and described it as a blow because he was very hard working for the party and always consulted authorities while he was serving as constituency chairman. “I have lots of respect for Dickory. However I honestly think that since he has ceased to be chairman of the constituency, the bike should be handed to the person now acting in that position,” Mr Marreh said. He further said he respects Mr Ceesay’s position and recognizes that a new government led by President Barrow is in power. “But I think it is prudent to have a credible opposition that will look over the government and commend and criticize where necessary.  I don’t think politics should divide people. That’s my principle,” he said.]]>

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