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APRC Says Barrow Cannot Win Next Election

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By Omar Bah

The deputy spokesperson of opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, has said despite all the noise around President Adama Barrow, he cannot win the next presidential election.

Speaking at the party’s mega rally controversially dubbed Homecoming of Babili Mansa, Dodou Jah said President Barrow simply lacks the capacity to turn the 2021 election in his favour and that he has been inconsistent all along.

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“All the promises he made in the last few years including the Banjul-Barra Bridge and free WIFI for the people of Brikama among others have not been fulfilled. He simply has nothing to show,” Jah said.

Turning to the topic of their leader and former president Yahya Jammeh, Jah said all the allegations against Jammeh as they stand now are “mere allegations”.
“And I am of the opinion it is only correct that he (Jammeh) is given the opportunity to respond to these allegations,” he said.

Jah claimed that some of the vehicles sold by the government did not belong to Jammeh, but the state.
“I have pictures of some of the vehicles and I will release them online very soon. These are part of many other things they are falsely accusing Jammeh of. This is why whenever you talk about Jammeh coming back, some of them will panic,” he said.

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Mr Jah said 90% of those who testified at the TRRC lied against the former president and “we will bring proof for that. APRC supporters should not at any circumstance feel ashamed of themselves”.

Party supporters who turned up at the rally wore different T-shirts some with labels reading: ‘Homecoming of Babili Mansa’.
Critics said the party officials allowed the misinformation to grow as a ploy to attract supporters to the rally.

Jammeh’s return
The APRC first deputy leader, Ousman Jatta, alias Rambo issued a warning to Gambians against buying Jammeh’s seized properties, because the former president will come back.
He added: “We agree there were human rights violations in the country during our time, but how can one prove that Jammeh was the one who committed those crimes?”
Jatta also took issues with Fatou Jallow, alias Toufah, one of the TRRC witnesses who accused Jammeh of raping her.

“The girl is lying against Jammeh because there is no shortage of beautiful women in APRC ranks. We have very beautiful women and there is no way Jammeh could have left Zineb Jammeh to have an affair with Toufah Jallow,” Rambo claimed.
He disclosed that the party will deal with Toufah Jallow when the TRRC made its recommendations.

Turning to the 3 Years Jotna, the group calling on President Barrow to step down in December or face protests, Rambo Jatta warned that his party will deal with the group if they damage anything that was built by Jammeh.

“I also want to warn APRC supporters against joining the group because joining the 3 years jotna is equal to helping the UDP to get to power through the back-way,” he added.
The APRC leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta accused the government of expressing hatred towards his party and the former President.

He said his party has no problem with peaceful demonstrations but warned the protesters against destroying public infrastructures built by the APRC government.
Speaking on the draft constitution, FTJ said the party would study the new constitution before the referendum to ensure they enlighten their supporters.

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